Eclipsing Binary: ASASSN-V J003016.19-462759.5

Mean VMag: 12.31

Amplitude: 1.07

Period: 5.4134367

Type: EA

Classification Probability: 1.0

LKSL Statistic: 0.03

RFR Score: 0.99

Epoch (HJD): 2458053.49761

More information here

Figure 1 – Image on the variable star ASASSN-V J003016.19-462759.5 / RW Phe extracted from here.

Next, the image and sound obtained with the sonification script of Variables Stars of sonoUno is shown.

Figure 2 – Plot obtained with the sonoUno script for Variables Stars (Mag vs Phase).
Sound 1 – Sonification of the Figure 2, obtained with the same sonoUno script for Variables Stars.

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