Particles data

Different data sets related to Cosmic Rays, particles from the LHC, Muongraphy and Neutrinos were presented with its plot and sound using sonoUno software. In the case of image sonification a video is added too. The particle sonification is a new approach, so all the media presented here is the last update on the topic made by the colaboration between different institutions.

At first, an approach to particle sonification was made with Cosmic Rays obtained from the Pierre Auger Observatory Open Data website.

Then, in the framework of REINFORCE (Research Infrastructures FOR Citizens in Europe), a collaboration funded by the European Union, the members of the project sonoUno (ITeDA,UM) work with researchers at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), the Institute of Physics of the 2 Infinities of Lyon (IP2I) and the KM3NeT Collaboration, to produce different particles sonifications.

The data sets were divided in specific categories:

– Cosmic Rays (Pierre Auger)

– Particles (REINFORCE demonstrator named: New Particle Search At CERN)

– Muongraphy (REINFORCE demonstrator named: Cosmic Muon Images)

– Neutrinos (REINFORCE demonstrator named: Deep Sea Explorers)

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