4.4 Configuration options

The sonoUno allows the user to adjust some sound and plot settings, these functionalities are in the settings menu (Image 65), or the all configuration item on the configuration sub-menu from the panels menu (Image 66).

Image 65 – Shows the menu setting with its two sub-menus: sound and plot style.
Image 66 – Shows the configuration sub-menu of the panel’s menu, where there are three items and the keyboard focus is on the all configurations item (first place).

Both options show the configuration panels on the left of the interface, under the file panel if it is enabled. If we check the item all configurations, but the item’s sound configurations and plot configurations are unchecked, the configuration panel only shows the toggle buttons of sound configurations and plot configurations (Image 67). With these buttons the user can show or hide the particular configurations.

Image 67 – The all configuration item from the previous image enable or disable the configuration panel, which is placed on the top left of the sonoUno frame and contain the toggle button for sound and plot configurations.

4.4.1. Sound configurations

4.4.2. Plot configurations

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