4.2.6. Delete last mark button

This functionality allows the user to erase the last mark made with the mark point element. It’s useful when the user has made a mark without intention or the place is incorrect. The button is placed on the right bottom of the window, it’s the fourth button, after the mark point button (Image 39).

Image 39 – The delete last mark button is found on the bottom right part, under the tempo slider and after the mark point button. It’s the fourth button from left to right.

Another way to erase the last mark point is with the item delete last mark from the data display menu (Image 40), or with the shortcut key ‘Alt+Shift+D’ or ‘Option+Shift+D’.

Image 40 – Shows the data display menu with its six items, the keyboard focus is on the sixth, which is the delete last mark item.

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