4.1.1 Open a file

To open a file, one of the options is to press the item Open of the menu File (Image 6). This action shows a pop-up window of the file browser of the computer (Image 7), were you can search and open the data file.

Figure 6 – Shows the items on the menu File and the focus of the keyboard is on the Open item.
Image 7 – Pop-up windows of the File browser, shown after press the item or button Open.

When you have the data file selected, you must press the button Open or the Enter key. Then the sonoUno generates the graph of the data (Image 8) and updates the abscissas slide bar. With the button Play you can reproduce the sound of the data.

Image 8 – The sonoUno framework with the graph of the imported data.

Other ways to open a data file are the shortcut key (‘Ctrl + Alt + O’ or ‘option + command + O’) or show the file panel with the item File of the menu Panels (Image 9). The file panel contains six buttons and is located on the left of the user (Image 10). The first button (Open) shows the file browser pop-up windows (Image 7), the next steps are the same of the previous instructions.

Image 9 – Shows the items of the menu Panels and the focus keyboard is on the File item.
Image 10 – Shows the file panel, where there are six buttons (Open, Delete all marks, Save Data, Save Marks, Save Sound and Save plot) with the keyboard focus on the Open button.

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